Sinking is a projection mapping project. Human activities speed up sea-level rise. The pot is like a miniature of a future world where everything will be swallowed and get back to nature.

1. modeling + animating Empire State Building ----MAYA

2.Animating ocean ---- After Effects

3.Projecting on to the pot ---- MadMapper


Vaporwave City



Script / Animation:  Yvonne Dong ,  Qinglin Wang

Voice-over: Google Translate

The project is based on three keywords we chose in class: vapor wave, public space, and bathroom. 



Script / Animation / Sound / Voice:  Qinglin Wang


This short animation is based on a 5.1 sound project. The sound and animation are trying to make the audience feel they are experiencing the story. (Made with Adobe Photoshop and Audition.)



This video is inspired by La Jetée, a 1962 French sci-fic made of almost all still photos, and Inception, a 2010 sci-fi film by Christopher Nolan.

(Special thanks to Jiaqi Wang.)

 © 2019 Qinglin Wang

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