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Music TOFU


Make music through a playful way.



TOFU is an IoT product (prototype) that fosters creativity in music education through physical play.

TOFU contains 18 sound Tofu -- blocks that control tempo of a sound -- and 6 sound tracks differentiated by colors.


It also comes with a mobile app. Users can change sound sources and record sound sequences in the app. The APP will generate different animation from the sound sequence that users make.


TOFU包含了18个「豆腐音块」—— 控制声音节奏的立方体,和6个用颜色区分开来的音轨。


用户需下载APP连接蓝牙切换不同音轨的音源并录制音乐。TOFU APP也会根据不同的音乐实时生成不同的动画。

Collaborator/合作者:Yanwen Dong

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