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Public Intervention

in Washington Square Park


How might we conduct an intervention in a site-specific public space that enables strangers to interact without written or spoken language?



Photography: Qinglin Wang

This project is an intervention in a public space that enables strangers to interact. Restrictions: no written or spoken language instruction; be site specific. We chose Washington Square Park in NYC because it is a famous and populous park which attracts diverse demographic. 

This project is a Wizard of Oz prototyping in order to test its form, interaction, and user experience in a short period of time. There was no sensor. We only used 2 Bluetooth speakers and a phone to play 6 different sound tracks according to the square people stepped on. It worked well as a rapid prototyping that is controlled by human without the notice from participants. Adults and kids alike had fun playing with it. Most importantly, strangers started to interact with each other and discussed how this was done. We are glad that this simple prototype could bring a little bit of joy to the life of busy New Yorkers.

Collaborators/合作者: Jimin Chung and Rian Ishikawa.


本项目是一个Wizard of Oz原型,一个在短时间内制作原型的设计方法以测试其形式、互动、以及用户体验。我们没有使用任何传感器,而是用两个蓝牙音响以及一部手机根据人们所踩的方块在暗中播放不同的音轨。虽然这只是一个非智能的人工控制的速成原型,它得到了很好的反响,并证明了继续发展这个项目的巨大潜力。有许多路过的路人,无论大人还是小孩,都对我们的原型非常感兴趣,最重要的是,陌生人之间展开了合作与交流。我们很开心我们能在短时间内用简单的科技得到这样的结果,在纽约客们匆忙的生活中增添一丝乐趣。

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