Mapping the Self

Mapping the Self is a project that includes three studies of self: who I think I am; who other people think I am; who I am. Studies are based on my research and my interviews with my friends.

(1)  The Mountain














Approach it, it becomes warmer.

I interviewed my friends trying to understand who they think I am. They said I am introverted, not good at social, not good at expressing myself, and sometimes they had to guess my real feeling. In this piece I depict myself as a mountain, a triangular pyramid with radiant faces and edges filled with soft stuffing material to indicate that different people see a person differently in different angles with colored lenses but the person is not just what people see. If people try to get along with the mountain, it will show its real color.

Materials: Arduino, a photoresistor,  LED strip, radiant iridescent acrylic sheets,  and polyfill.

(2)  Id, Ego, Superego — My Daily Struggle




















Touch and listen.

Three hands indicate the interaction and intertwining of  Id, Ego, and Superego. Through my research I found my daily life is a fight of Id and Superego, which made me myself.

Materials: Arduino, wire, a buzzer, 3 resistors, and a box. 

2018-09-24 25.jpg

(3) About Emotion

People who are not good at expressing their feelings tend to conceal them. Hover over a face and see what's the real feeling behind it.

This is a p5.js sketch made with library.

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