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To find you across the stars.




LOVE! is a small web game coded with p5.js and library. Visual elements are made with Adobe Illustrator. Players need to get to the lower right corner to find another character who is waiting for him by using mouse to control the character and avoid stars.

Play-test observation and feedback:

1. Almost all players skipped text instruction and went straight to the game. As a result, all of them tried to hit the star and fail again and again because the instruction would not show up after a player fail for the first time unless the web page is refreshed.

2. The font is not supported in some browsers.

3. It's hard to control for some players because they did not notice that the speed of the character is directly proportional to relative distance from center of the canvas to the mouse position.

​4.Yes, it's cute!

LOVE! 是一个用p5.js和p5.play编写的网页小游戏。视觉元素由Adobe Illustrator制作。玩家需要用鼠标控制人物方向并避开星星到达游戏场景的右下角去找寻他的另一半。






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