Hugging Bear

Hugging Bear is a project that calms people and brings comfort as well as connects two people  who are far away from each other together through machine hugging. The project aims at exploring and improving human interaction and communication and exploring the relationship of physical interaction and emotional needs.

Materials: a Arduino board, 6 servo motors, conductive fabrics, sewing materials, 3d-printed mechanical arm joints, a teddy bear purchased from a toy store .

Prototype Demo​




For people in long distance relationship/long distance parenting.

Or people who live alone and have emotional attachment to plush toys.  


How to use:

Hug the bear, and it will hug you back.

Or log on to the app, connect with another user. when you hug your bear, another user’s bear hug him/her for you.


How it works:

Physical computing with Arduino using servo motors and capacitive touch sensing. Basically it’s a prototype of a soft IoT robot.

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